Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sister Act: Craft Edition

Growing up, my sister and I didn't get along. More specifically, I didn't get along with my sister. I'll spare everyone from the details of my antagonizing and just say that I'm pleasantly surprised she turned out to be a well-adjusted, emotionally stable adult despite my efforts to the contrary. My mom used to tell me that one day I'd be glad to have a sister. I refused to believe it then, but it's definitely true now!

My sister had a craft-night last weekend which I missed, so she brought the leftover materials to my house to work on them after a stereotypical morning of haircuts and going out for lunch. She found the inspiration on Pinterest, so we set off making decopage votive candle holders with tissue paper and Mod Podge.

Fortunately for me, she'd already worked out the kinks in the process during her craft night. She brought over an assortment of paper punches and tissue paper in every color imaginable. In process:

I attempted to make my project easy by cutting out two sizes of flowers in colors that coordinated with my living room. As usual, making "random" designs takes me three times as long as it does to order something. Eventually I got placement I was happy enough with and started adding layers of matte Mod Podge. Once dry, the holders have a frosted look that I really like.

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