Sunday, February 2, 2014

Snow Day Feast, V'con Style

I've always said that winters in Detroit aren't really that bad. Sure it's cold, but the cold isn't brutal. We get some snow, but it melts after a few days. The skies are sometimes grey, but it makes me appreciate the sunshine on clear days. Those factors that make winter unpleasant (but not unbearable) make spring AMAZING.

Then the winter of 2014 hit. This winter also coincides with me living in a house with zero insulation. When it's windy outside, the curtains move inside. We got another big snow storm today. Determined not to let Mother Nature get in my way, I put on my boots and trekked the mile to Kroger to buy groceries and spent the day cooking Backyard BBQ sauceBBQ Black Eyed Peas Collard Rolls, and Messy Rice, all from Veganomicon.

This was a perfect snow day dish. I spent a leisurely three hours making it. I could have been more efficient with my time, but to me, one of the luxuries of a snow day is not stressing about multi-tasking. On a weeknight, I definitely wouldn't have taken the time to let BBQ sauce cook down for an hour or delicately roll steamed collard greens. But on a snowy Sunday, there wasn't much I'd rather be doing.

These turned out great. They were everything I think food should be -- a variety of recognizable textures and clean, distinct flavors that meld together perfectly. Full success!

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  1. This winter has been unbelievable. What a time for no insulation! :-O It looks like you had a great snowday though! A leisurely cooking day sounds like a great day to me!