Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Sophie's Kitchen of Disappointment

I've mentioned before that I have an inexplicable affinity for mock seafood. I wasn't a huge seafood fan before, but maybe it seems like the last frontier of veganization? Sophie's Kitchen makes a wide variety of vegan seafood (shrimp, calamari, fish sticks) and for a while, I tried every variety I saw. Ultimately, I realized I didn't miss seafood and would rather eat my hippie food. But when I saw a variety of tuna at Whole Foods, I had to try it. One of my favorite things to eat pregan was Kraft mac & cheese with tuna and peas. Now that Earth Balance makes a vegan mac and cheese that tastes exactly like Kraft's (in my mind, at least), it was a no-brainer to attempt a vegan version. Behold the [theoretical] tower of processed perfection: 

I tried the Meatless Select vegetarian tuna a couple years ago and remember it being pretty passable in appearance. When I opened the Sophie's kind, it reminded me A LOT of cat food:

It tasted kind of weird, but I persisted and made the mac & cheese and peas, then mixed it all together. I set it down on the table (a great habit I picked up during 2014 MoFo!) and walked away to get a drink. When I turned around, my cat had jumped on the table and was vigorously attempting to bury my dinner, which is what she does with HER food. Action shot:

I've only tasted cat food once, when I mistook the gravy from cat food for gravy from the vegan shepherd's pie I was eating (don't ask). I can assure you, this did NOT taste like cat food. That said, it didn't taste particularly good, either. The tuna had a weird texture and made the dish too salty. I love that EB mac and cheese so much that I ate it anyway, but it would have been better without the $4 can of fake tuna. I portioned out some leftovers, which I will also eat, but only because I REALLY hate wasting food.

Sadly, the quest for vegan tuna will continue.

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