Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Usurper Alert: Daiya Frozen Pizza

When Whole Foods opened a store in Midtown Detroit last year, the media went nuts. This fit perfectly into their narrative that there are no grocery stores in the city (disproven here) and that the city was completely abandoned and is now showing signs of rebirth (refuted here). In fact, there was already a health food store a half-mile away from the WF location. But, rant over. Any positive media attention is good for the city. Plus as a yuppie, I love a one-stop-shop for organic groceries, vegan prepared food, fresh flowers and wine. Geez, I can't believe how pretentious that sounds...

When I was there this weekend, I stopped by the frozen pizza section, planning to grab a Tofurky pepperoni pizza. They taste just like the cheap omni pizzas I grew up eating and I LOVE THEM. Much to my dismay, the Daiya pizzas had completely overtaken the freezer case. Rather than pout, I coughed up $10 for the Fire Roasted Vegetable variety.

After (also, after eating 1/3 of the frozen vegetables and cheese while waiting for the oven to heat up):

I was a bit skeptical about the gluten-free crust, but it was actually pretty good. Overall, the pizza was good with the right amount of cheese and flavorful sauce and veggies. This was more of the "gourmet" variety of frozen pizzas, which I always thought were pointless because they cost the same as a fresh (and much better tasting) pizza. For the price, I can get a deep-dish pizza from Buddy's which also comes loaded with Daiya. If these were ever on sale, I might buy a few for emergencies (i.e., after the bar), but I don't see this being a new diet staple.

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  1. I didn't really care for the Daiya pizzas and know what you mean about the Tofurky ones. They really remind me of the ones I ate while I was growing up. I would be so completely bummed if all the Tofurky pizzas were replaced with Daiya pizzas!