Thursday, October 17, 2013

MoCOO Day 17: Shepherd-ish Pie

Cleaning out my cupboards continues to be delicious, economical, and surprisingly easy. I did, however, run into a dilemma last weekend when I ran out of coffee. I love coffee and drink a lot of it. I don't think the caffeine even affects me that much, I just love the ritual and the taste of strong, black coffee. I only make it at home on weekends (because we have a Keurig at work), so I had a few days to decide whether replenishing my supply should be considered a "grocery" purchase. Ultimately, I decided it's not. My rationale is that coffee is like shampoo or deodorant, i.e., I don't NEED it, but it's best for society if I have it. So excluding coffee, my October grocery spending is still $15.05.

Day 17 meals:
Breakfast: raw oatmeal
Lunch: Clif bar (forgot to bring anything, so I had to break into my emergency stash)
Dinner: shepherd-ish pie (see below)
I had some Yves Ground Round and frozen peas and corn collecting ice crystals in the freezer. While lamenting my lack of mashed potatoes and inability to make shepherd's pie, I had a moment of genius: top it with frozen hash browns!
This was incredibly easy. While the hash browns were cooking, I set out four dishes and put a quarter of the Yves and vegetables in each one. I then topped it with this brown gravy recipe and the hash browns. 
It would be better with mashed potatoes and my favorite gravy, plus carrots and onions, but this was still pretty good. And it emptied three half-used bags in the freezer, so I'm satisfied.

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