Wednesday, October 23, 2013

MoCOO Day 23: Garlic Mac

I took a little break from my MoCOO rule of not buying prepared food this weekend. In my defense, I ran a marathon on Sunday, so I figured I was justified in eating anything I wanted. I used all the energy I had to pick up Buddy's Pizza for dinner on Sunday, because, hey, I just burned 2500 calories, so why not consume that in pizza? And Monday, during a painful errand to Radio Shack, I made a stop at Easy Like Sundae and tried the newly added Creme Brulee vegan fro-yo topped with strawberries. It tasted like frozen custard and was worth ever penny of the $2.68 I spent.

Friday was also a marathon of sorts, i.e., an evening at Valentine Vodka Distillery. I love everything about that place. I normally have little interest in talking to strangers at bars, but every time I've been there, I've met amazingly interesting people. Friday was no exception, with Kellee from Wine, Spirit and Soul offering a great perspective on craft cocktails. The downside of enjoying my time there so much is that it's a black hole -- I don't think I've ever spent less than four hours sitting at the bar. It should come as no surprise that I stopped at MiChigo for a Chicago-style vegan pizza on my way home.

So after $45 in fast food and way too many calories, I'm back on track. (Even more so because I just bought in to the work boys' club weight loss challenge, but more on that later.) The only vegetable I have left is garlic (which I don't really consider a vegetable), so I cooked that up with some olive oil and added elbow macaroni.

I topped with a little vegan parmesan and it was ready to go. Fortunately, my sister bought me really good quality olive oil for my birthday. It helped mask the Mueller's pasta and general blandness of the dish. This is a true Cupboard Clean-out dish... it's edible calories and not much more.

Day 23 meals:
Breakfast: raw oatmeal
Lunch/dinner: garlic mac

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