Sunday, September 14, 2014

MoFo Day 13: Another sad veggie wrap

As I mentioned, I'm deviating from my MoFo theme since I'm on vacation. A friend and I flew into Las Vegas last night, then rented a car and got out of town as quickly as possible. We spent today hiking to Angels Landing in Zion National Park. Don't let the short distance fool you -- it was one of the most intense hikes of my life. See that narrow ridge behind me? That's part of the trail. As harrowing and exhausting as it was, it was totally worth every minute. 

On the way into the park, I noticed a brew pub just outside the gate. An hour into the hike, I decided nothing would feel better at the end than drinking a cold beer. Because this is Utah, we had to order food with the beer, so rather than go to the restaurant down the street that had delicious sounding tofu dishes, I ordered a veggie wrap. The wrap was about as good as you'd expect, by which I mean, not-good-even-after-five-hours-of-hiking. The saddest part? I didn't even drink half of that beer before leaving. Totally not worth it.


  1. The landscape is beautiful. Too bad the lunch didn't sound like a reward. Were the fries any good?