Saturday, September 27, 2014

MoFo Day 27: Bagel Sandwich v2

In yesterday's post about my bagel sandwich, I had intended to mention that I'd been craving a "turkey swiss bagel" all week. Instead, the post turned into a love letter to Tofurky. (Incidentally, I'm rushing to post this because I'm heading to Seva, where I will likely order a club sandwich made with Tofurky). Anyway, while I was flying home from Vegas last weekend, Delta mentioned they had a turkey bagel sandwich for sale and it sounded SO GOOD. Not in a "I want to eat that" way, but in a "I wish it was Tofurky on that bagel" vegan-way. For a week, I thought about that sandwich, and when I finally made it to the grocery store yesterday, I got the fixins'. After my mediocre attempt yesterday, I researched what actually goes into a turkey bagel sandwich. I decided to try a hot version and this was 100 times better than what I had before:

Since I don't have a toaster (I have three kinds of blenders but not a toaster), I heated up a skillet with a little Earth Balance and grilled the cut sides of the bagel. I also threw on a stack of Tofurky slices and a Daiya provolone slice, and topped it with some dijon mustard. I mentioned yesterday that I thought the Daiya was too sweet, but it was much better melted.

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  1. After reading this, I decided to try the club sandwich at Seva for the first time. Thank you! It was soooo good! Before, when I saw tofurky in the description, I was thinking 'why would I order something I could make at home?' but it was so worth it!