Thursday, September 12, 2013

MoFo Day 12: Swiss cheese waffles

Vegan with a Vengeance was one of the original “cool” vegan cookbooks. It seems like a great new one is being published every week now, but back in 2005, there weren't so many options. A number of my standard recipes are in here - I’ve made the reuben and tempeh bacon so many times that I don’t need the recipe. The pizza crust and chocolate chip cookies are my go-to’s. And I’ve never tasted a better cake (bakery, restaurant, homemade, whatever) than the Raspberry Blackout Cake. Sadly, though, glossy new cookbooks tend to grab my attention and I rarely think of this one when I’m looking for recipes. 

In the spirit of using my neglected small appliances, I made Lemon Corn Waffles with Blueberry Sauce. I was skeptical about cornmeal in waffles, but the Cornmeal Waffles in Vegan Brunch blew my mind. It’s crunchy and savory and delicious and amazing. So with great expectations, I set off: 

The recipe is pretty standard vegan waffle/pancake fare: sift flours and baking powder, add milk/oil mixture and mix until just combined. The blueberry sauce was also pretty standard: cook fruit, thickener and sweetener until soft. Everything was going well until cooking time. No matter how long I cooked them, they were soggy. The batter was pretty thin, but I hadn’t used my waffle maker in a year (at least), so the issues were likely caused by operator error.  They turned into a very sad pile of swiss cheese: 

The blueberry sauce turned out fine, and the waffles taste good, they’re just more like lemon grits than waffles. Fortunately, though, lemon grits drowned in blueberry sauce isn’t a bad combination! I foresee lots of waffles in my future as I get reacquainted with my waffle maker.

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  1. Sorry about the waffle fail. VwaV is one of my go-to cookbooks too - that and Veganomicon. When I am in a dinner slump, I thumb through for inspiration. Hoping you have waffle maker success soon :)