Sunday, September 29, 2013

MoFo Day 28: Urban Paella

The Urban Vegan is yet another one of those books I bought, flagged 50% of the recipes in, and never opened again. I chose the Granada Paella for MoFo, mostly because I had some old Arborio rice I wanted to use up. Personally, I find some of the recipe intros in this book to be a bit annoying. She's always talking about how hip she is and all the places she's traveled. Ironically, the first (and only) time I had paella was at a Spanish restaurant in Paris. I was also excited to use my Iranian saffron I smuggled back from Turkey. So yeah, I'm just as snobby.

The recipe called for vegetarian chorizo, specifically Trader Joe's if possible. I've never been a big TJ's fan, but I live two miles away from one, so I figured it was worth a try. Of course, they didn't have soyrizo. I know I've seen the Yves brand lots of times, so I trekked to Kroger and then two health food stores. And none of them had it! I did find Mexican Chipotle Field Roast, which I kind of slice-shredded and it worked out fine.

Paella is much easier to make than I was expecting. You just saute garlic, red pepper and the sausage, then add rice, broth, chopped tomato and peas with seasonings and let simmer for 15 minutes. I don't have a lid for my giant skillet (or a paella pan), so I improvised with a cookie sheet. Don't judge, it worked!

This was delicious! I left the rice a bit al dente and it was the perfect combination of textures. The sausage added the right amount of spice. It was a great dinner for an Arrested Development marathon on a cool fall night.

The leftovers were great in the microwave and very portable. I'll definitely be adding this to my repotiore. 

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