Tuesday, September 17, 2013

MoFo Day 16: Blandest of the bland

[I accidentally deleted the pics of this dish from my camera.... oops!]

Years ago, I was milling around Borders (RIP) and found Appetizers, Finger Food, Buffets and Parties for $5. It's a huge book with pictures of every recipe and it's reasonably veg-friendly. Since it's the same price as a magazine, it was definitely worth the cost just to look at all the pretty plating. My sister made a few very simple recipes (salsamole and caprese sandwich skewers) that she liked, but in 5 years, I've never cooked out of it. Perhaps that's a good thing, because the Avocado Tabbouleh Wraps I made were so bland I didn't finish them, and I like bland food and hate wasting anything.

They're exactly what they sound like... very plain tabbouleh and some mashed avocado in a tortilla. My first clue that this wasn't tested/edited should have been that the recipe said it made 6 servings but only called for 4 tortillas. And they were served like wraps, not cut into cute slices or something. Even after sitting for 6 hours, the tabbouleh was still really bland. It only called for 2T each of parsley and mint, for 1 cup of uncooked bulgur. One great thing about metro Detroit is that there are as many falafel shops as McDonalds due to the large Middle Eastern population. I have a pretty good idea of how tabbouleh should look and taste, and this wasn't happening. I added a lot more herbs and lemon juice and it got a little better, but still not great. The "avocado" part was mashed up avocado with lemon juice and red onion. That can't NOT taste good, but it wasn't delicious enough to mask the wheat tortilla and wheat salad. I threw away half the tabbouleh because there was too much and it wasn't good enough to eat on its own. I ate wraps twice at work, but only because I was too busy to step away from my desk long enough to even go downstairs to grab something.

While they weren't inedible, they were definitely not enjoyable. Sad day for MoFo :(

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  1. Oh no! I hate when I put in all the effort for a less-than-appetizing meal :( Hoping the rest of your MoFo meals are marvelous!