Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MoFo Day 24: Requisite Green Smoothie post

You know those people who go on raw diets or juice cleanses and talk about how much energy they have and how clear their skin gets and how happy they are? Well, I’m not one of them. I ate entirely raw for three weeks last year and while I lost 10 pounds and learned some new recipes, I didn’t feel any better than usual. (Plus, I passed out giving blood, so I took that as a sign from my body that it wanted bread.) Then earlier this year, I went on a 3-day juice cleanse from Pure BDY. Again, I felt the same, except hungrier and whinier. While I’ve learned that neither of those diets are right for me, I know that I need to eat more raw foods. That’s why I’ve kept Raw Food Cleanse, despite swearing off juicing. I figured I would try "THE Green Smoothie", since they seem to be a hot topic for MoFo this year.

The drink is spinach (or kale), frozen berries, chia seeds, coconut oil and almond milk (or water). I used Silk Almond Milk which probably defeats the benefits of the smoothie with its carrageenan and whatever else, but before coffee I can barely operate the blender, let alone strain fresh nut milk. (The operating the blender thing is not a metaphor – this morning I truly moved my blender to three outlets trying to get it to turn on before I realized I was flipping the high/low switch not the power switch.)

After the technical difficulties were resolved, the Vitamix tore through this in no time and I didn’t even need the tamper. Man I love that thing! I poured it into a cup and was out the door.

Upon my first sip, my reaction was “tastes like spinach.” After a few more sips, though, I was used to it and it was fine. I guess it’s more efficient to drink it, but I’d rather eat blueberries and raw spinach with a glass of almond milk.

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