Friday, September 6, 2013

MoFo Day 6: Cookies for Breakfast

As I said before, Appetite for Reduction is my absolute favorite cookbook. My second favorite is Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. The chocolate coconut bars, cream cheese brownies and peanut butter blondies are all in my top 5 desserts. I’ve made half the recipes in the book, and it’s probably not surprising that none of those have been from the “Wholesome Cookies” section. The recipes sound good, but when I want cookies, I want granulated sugar and melted chocolate, not brown rice syrup and carob. A challenge of using a different cookbook every day is working through my collection of dessert books without gaining 50 pounds. With a weekend camping trip approaching, I thought the Banana Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies would be a good choice. The recipe is posted here.
These cookies were easy to throw together and used a lot of the random jars in my pantry from my last healthy eating spree. They’re sweetened with brown rice syrup and agave and use banana and flax seed as a binder. They come together like typical oatmeal cookies, with walnuts and dried cranberries mixed in last.
I followed the recipe’s instructions to spray a measuring cup with cooking spray and they were a breeze to portion out. I got lazy with the “scant” 1/4 cup and only got 18 cookies instead of the 24 the recipe called for, but since I was eating them all anyway, it didn’t matter.
These turned out great. I like a lot of stuff in my cookies, so I’ll probably add more cranberries and nuts next time, but they had a great flavor and texture. They traveled well and were perfect for a weekend of camping. I’m sure I ate more than necessary, but they kept me as full and energized as a bowl of oatmeal would have. And they were much easier and more fun to eat!

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